Insight into our Insights

Insights into our Insights

The bread and the butter of our electricity management service is the data. Our sensors allow us to gather and analyse real-time electricity consumption data in our schools, which gives us the means to provide personalised insights and recommendations. Our schools have access to their data in a variety of ways, depending on their needs. We have: 

*a monthly report generated by our system,

*a termly report with insights and recommendations made by us. Completely accessible and digestible data on their electricity consumption.  

*and an incredibly in-depth insights platform that gives an in-depth look at their consumption. 

Let’s explore the last one a little bit. Our schools can log into their insights platform at any time and have all of the electricity data that they could need at the tip of their fingers.  

Insights at a Glance  

The first thing you see when you log in is this summary of their data.

With just a glance they can find out how much electricity they have used that month, its equivalent in CO2 emissions, how much of that is used when the school is closed (and should be using minimal energy), as well as how many oak trees it would take to offset that carbon dioxide.  

These are quick insights that allow the school to know where they stand in that month. But we’re not done here, there’s plenty more to see.  



Do you want to see how much electricity you consumed at 12.30pm last Tuesday? We can do that. In fact, you can view your data in 5-minute increments.

Do you want to know how much voltage you are using? We can do that; you can see your voltage by the hour or the day. This is one of our key recommendations, as covered in an earlier blog. We have recommended most of our schools install voltage optimisers to save money and improve efficiency.  


Want to compare your monthly usage? Easy! Just log into your insights platform and have a look. We compare your kWh and CO2, as well as giving you targets calculated on the previous 3 months of consumption.  

These are just a few of the ways you can use our platform to get to know your data. My personal favourite is the calendar heat map, which shows your consumption in a neat traffic-light-coloured map. The red and yellow represents high consumption, green is low.  


We would look at this and ask the school what they were doing in the second week of June that their consumption was lower in the afternoon than the other weeks. Is that behaviour we can replicate? Can you make every week look like that? This tool is an amazing way for schools to understand their consumption behaviours and how to optimise them.  

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure  

Schools and councils are lacking the right data to be able to make informed choices about retrofits and energy management. We are committed to filling that gap and give them insights that enable them to move forward on their journey to Net Zero. We deliver deep insights for our schools and give them access to every measurement they could need.  

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