cutting carbon emissions

How it works

OAK Garden are dedicated to cutting the carbon emissions of schools and facilitating the green education of the next generation. We provide an electricity management service, working with schools to reduce electricity bills and emissions. Through cutting-edge sensor technology and data analysis, we are able to identify savings of up to 20%.

61 MWh

Electricity Consumption per Month

15,162 Kg

of CO2 per Month


Avg Potential Savings


Predictive Accuracy

Energy Platform

School management is given access to the OAK Insights platform, where they can explore their electricity data and find recommendations for how to cut their emissions

Garden Box

We wanted students to learn that being outdoors and relying less on energy being consumed indoors is one way we can take action in the climate crisis. So we created the Garden box, packed full of resources for teachers to bring sustainability education to the classroom and to the great outdoors. With seeds for wildflower meadows, switch stickers to empower pupils to turn lights off, and interactive projects on renewable energy, we know this is a game changer for our OAK Garden teachers.

Our process

School Enrols

State schools are added to the waiting list to await funding. There is no cost to state-funded schools for the service and all money saved through electricity optimisation is kept by the school to invest however they see fit.

School funded

We rely on the support of local councils, communities, and individuals to help state schools begin their electricity reduction journey.

Information gathering

To gain the best understanding of what is going on with the electricity usage in a school, we'll send one of our team members to complete a site survey and provide a form for the school to fill out. We'll then organise a date for the electricity monitoring technology to be installed.

Tech installation

Our electrician will fit the sensors onto the electricity meters

Data collection

As the school gets on with their day-to-day activities, in the background the OAK Network algorithm is analysing their electricity usage

Access to platform

We give school management unlimited access to the OAK Network Platform, so they can delve into the data as much as they want, from 5- minute intervals up to monthly comparisons, schools will have a deep understanding of their consumption.

Termly reports

we send the school a report once every term with our insights and personalised recommendations for how they can reduce their electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

Garden Box

Along with the termly report we send schools our Garden Box, which is filled with amazing educational resources such as lesson plans, activities, wildflower seeds for planting, and much much more! Teachers can pick and choose which resources to use and when to use them, making their job just a little bit easier.

Lifetime Access

All participating schools have lifetime access to their data and our support. The project never ends, you will be able to keep using our services year after year