Two students celebrate results

The results are in…

And the results are in… 

Literally. Today hundreds of thousands of students are receiving their GCSE results. After a difficult couple of years studying through lockdowns, they will finally see some results. Many young people will be making decisions about their future, planning degrees or apprenticeships and dreaming beyond to the rest of their lives. But are we doing enough to secure that future? Are we failing the next generation? 

With the looming threat of the energy crisis, recent extreme weather, and the latest sewage scandal, the topic of climate change and our environment has never been so prominent in the national arena. Young people across the country are extremely passionate about the environment, as are their teachers, who often spend their precious free time trying to bring sustainability into the school. Sadly, this passion is not reflected in the support that they receive (or don’t receive) from our national institutions. The UK government released their white paper on climate change and education as promised in April 2022, but it has been widely criticised for a lack of urgency. Many of their plans don’t roll out until later in the decade, wasting precious time that could be spent helping schools to decarbonise quickly and efficiently. 

It is time for the powers-that-be (whether that is local authorities or the government itself) to prioritise making our country energy efficient through investing in much-needed retrofits and radical new energy systems. And schools form a big part of this. With the energy crisis seemingly worsening every week, many school administrators will be spending the last couple of weeks of their summer holidays worrying how they will cope with the extra financial burden. Some financial managers we know have been told to double their energy budget, but with little-to-no financial support from government, they don’t know how they will cope.  

We are here to help schools do just that. Our AI system analyses their electricity consumption data and recommends key retrofits and technical implementations that can decrease their carbon footprint and save them money in the long-term. Schools can no longer do without; we must help them become more efficient.  

So, good luck to all the kids getting their results today. We are working hard to make sure that your future is secured.  

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