improving sustainability in schools

About Us

The OAK Garden Network is a CIC working to improve sustainability in schools through electricity management. We use cutting edge technology, personalised insights, and practical recommendations to reduce bills and carbon footprints. We have also partnered with several sustainability organisations to provide green educational resources to each school completely free of charge.

Our Story...

Our founders started our sister company OAK Network because they believe that every business is capable of making a difference and moving towards Carbon Zero – especially with the support of the OAK Network! But they didn’t want to just do business as normal, they also wanted to give back and inspire the next generation of green-minded individuals. OAK Garden was born – or should we say planted! We are focused on bringing the education sector into the sustainable future.

The name OAK Garden was chosen to inspire the collaboration of many to make a beautiful collective future. Together we can make a difference.

Why now?

Climate emergency

More than 330 UK councils have declared a climate emergency or published an action plan to tackle the climate crisis and at Cop26 in 2021 the education secretary pledged to put climate change at the heart of education. We want to be a part of this vital mission to reach carbon zero.


We estimate that schools in the UK waste up to 20% of their electricity usage. This is wasted carbon, wasted resources, and wasted money – all very precious commodities. We want to reduce this waste and give every penny saved back to the schools for them to reinvest in their students’ future.


Ultimately it is the younger generations who will bear the brunt of the climate crisis and many young people are currently experiencing climate anxiety, with little knowledge of what actions they can take. We want to arm the students with the knowledge and understanding of how they can make a difference.

Meet the Team

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