Supporting schools on their journey to carbon zero

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We empower schools to reduce their carbon emissions
through electricity optimisation and sustainability education

Animation man holding the earth. Two text bubbles. First reads: We provide an online electricity monitoring platform and free sustainability educational resources through our incredible partners. Second reads: Our service is completely free of charge for state-funded schools, supported by local authorities, sponsorships, and generous donations

How It Works

We install sensors in the school, which send data about their electricity consumption to the OAK Network platform for analysis.


The school receives regular insights reports, with bespoke recommendations on how they can reduce their electricity consumption, lower their bills and eradicate CO2 waste.


Every term, we provide education support through our OAK Garden boxes, including lesson plans, activities and resources, to help teachers provide sustainability education in their own time.

All money saved
is kept by the school

Lifetime access to our electricity management service

Free sustainability education resources for teachers

Garden Box

We know that teachers care about sustainability and climate education, but they don’t have the time or resources to bring these lessons to their students. This is why we created the Garden Box. Every term we provide our partner schools with a box jam-packed with amazing resources and activities to get schools started on their journey to change the world.


Our programme relies on the donations and sponsorship of local councils, businesses, communities, and individuals that want to make a difference in the sustainability of schools.


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